12:00am - 1:00am

Grime for the Unconverted

[Repeated from Thursday 11pm.] Presented and mixed by DJ BPM, showcasing Grime classics, unreleased promos and new releases. Listen to archive shows on Mixcloud. Twitter: @feraldubs.

1:00am - 2:30am

Adventures in Sound and Music

[Repeated from Thursday 9pm.] New music with The Wire magazine. This week, Caroline Whiteley presents new and unreleased tracks. Including: A Song For You, Beings, Lamusa II, Emma DJ, HTRK, Iceboy Violet and Nueen, Enji, KMR & KMRU, Valentina Magaletti. Visit thewire.co.uk for more information.

2:30am - 3:30am

Fog Cast

[Repeated from Wednesday 11pm.] A series of late night deep listening soundtracks presented by Robin The Fog. Further details at: robinthefog.com.

3:30am - 4:30am

Sleeping Dogs Lie

Ambient music selected by Miguel Santos to help night owls relax. For more information visit Sleeping Dogs Lie on Facebook, Mixcloud and WhitelabelRecs Bandcamp. [Repeats Monday 1am.]

4:30am - 5:00am

K-Pop Journey

[Repeated from Wednesday 9pm.] A weekly show dedicated to the phenomenon that is K-pop! Korean presenter Keissi takes you on a journey through Korean pop music from the 1990s to the present day. For more information visit K-Pop Journey on Facebook. For archive shows visit keissi.com/radioarchive.

5:00am - 6:00am


[Repeated from Friday 11.30pm.] Modulisme (which translates as Modularism) is a series devoted to out of leftfield modular synthesis. This week: Todd Barton has been exploring analogue and computer-based music since 1979. For the first 30 minutes we hear his second Modulisme Session and welcome him back on board with these Simple Studies in the Buchlidian Paradigm, emphasising choices to shorter, seemingly simple forms like haiku poetry, single brushstroke sumi-e paintings and short stories. The second half, Buchla Bricolage, is made up of many 'performances' put together to form a composition which is a journey through different timbral and textural environments. For more information visit modulisme.info/sessions.

6:00am - 7:00am

Late Lunch with Out to Lunch

[Repeated from Wednesday 2pm.] Polemic, politics, mouth jazz and spontaneous music with Ben Watson.

7:00am - 8:00am

Make Your Own Damn Music

[Repeated from Tuesday 9pm.] Artworld shenanigans with Bob and Roberta Smith OBE. This week's show features an inspiring interview with artist Margo McDaid better known as Margo in Margate. We talk living in New York and making art in Margate. Margo has been featured in the Observer, been on television and had a sell out show in Brighton. She is Thanet’s Andy Warhol.

8:00am - 9:00am


[Repeated from Friday 2.30pm.] A programme of multiple agendas presented by William English. Today: music from vocalist Ian William Craig, Belgian artist Joris van de Moortel, Sun Ra's Disco 3000, The Handsome Family, intersex South East Asian musician Ana Roxanne, Kim Loan (Saigon) and time permitting, Amnon Raviv. First broadcast 4 October 2019.

9:00am - 10:00am

The Curtain Up Show

[Repeated from Friday 4pm.] Tim McArthur, Nathan Matthews and guests discuss London's vibrant theatre scene. Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information.

10:00am - 11:00am


[Repeated from Tuesday 3pm.] A monthly exploration by Patricia Pascal of the revolution in UK jazz. For more info visit Jazznewblood.org/jazznewbloodtapes.

11:00am - 12:00pm

Ukrainian Field Notes

[Repeated from Wednesday 5.30pm.] A series comprising interviews and music by musicians from all over Ukraine, sharing their experience of displacement and war. This month: Zlata and Katro Zauber talk about relocating to Ibiza, misconceptions about Ukraine and gender balance within the electronic music community. Music by Marina Herlop, Andrii Barmalii, Yansima, Lostlojic, Тонка, k.e.d.r.o.v.a and Katro Zauber. For more interviews with Ukrainian artists visit the Ukrainian Field Notes pages. To support Ukraine visit: supportukrainenow.org.

12:00pm - 1:30pm

The Ambrosia Rasputin Show

Freewheeling music series with Ivor Kallin. This week's episode features Scotland’s only klezmer dub band, a couple of moon landing television recordings and the obligatory new releases from Elliott Sharp and Douglas Benford. Plus a whole heap of other groovy tunes. [Repeats Friday 1am.]

1:30pm - 2:00pm

Arty Facts

Arty Facts with Master J is a show about working in the arts. Today: Master J is joined by musical theatre actor Karen Holmes. Karen is currently on national tour in Greatest Days – The Official Take That Musical. In this review show, they discuss the theatre production, The Ballad of Hattie and James at the Kiln Theatre. Topics include: cancelled shows and refunds, relaxed performances and walkouts, gender natural toilets and urinals. Warning: this show may break tradition of the series, and actually contain a review of the theatre show mentioned, equally as likely, is that it won't. For more information visit Master J on Facebook. [Repeats Wednesday 7.30pm.]

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Calling All Pensioners

[Repeated from Monday 1pm.] Magazine programme with Tim Hamilton, addressing issues which affect pensioners across London. This week: the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) discloses that older people’s organisations take the call for a commissioner to Downing Street, and that women delegates got together to highlight the issue of representation in its Women's Network Exchange edition. England-based pensioners’ charity Independent Age, reports on their involvement in the presentation of a petition to 10 Downing Street, and Age UK explains their part in the call for an independent commissioner for older people. Our musical tributes are to English rock musician Michael Pinder, who was founding member of the Moody Blues; and to Frank Wakefield, who was an American mandolin player in the bluegrass style. Produced by Deptford Action Group for the Elderly.

3:00pm - 4:00pm

The Sampler Mixtape

[Repeated from Friday 12pm.] A weekly mixtape of eclectic new music from Sound and Music. This week: hosted by Tam Lines. Featuring Loraine James, Perc, The Bug, ex.sses, Gaika, Verify it's really you, Lila Tirando a Violeta, Sin Maldita, Gonzo Dog, NAH, Dhangsha. For more information and complete tracklist visit www.thesampler.org or follow us @samplernews.

4:00pm - 5:00pm

The Outerglobe

[Repeated from Thursday 6.30pm.] Debbie Golt FRSA takes African music and wider arts and culture as her starting point. For more details follow @outerglobe on Instagram and Twitter.

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Around The World With The Lallas

[Repeated from Tuesday 1.30pm.] Laura Pradelska and Lara Fraser share their international cultural interests, stemming from their respective careers as actor and producer as well as their joint DJ career as The Lallas. This week, The Lallas discuss articles that have sparked their interest. From foods that improve your gut health to expert-backed hacks to improve your productivity. In their new music corner they are excited to play "Limon" by Hibachi. As always, resident health and fitness specialist Andrew Rose is on hand with some tips and tricks on how to get back into your workout routine and utilise the beautiful weather.

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Sitting With Gianluca

Interviews and informed portraits of contemporary American musicians with our stateside correspondent Gianluca Tramontana. This week: in honour of the anniversary of Bob Marley's death, Gianluca salutes Island Records head, Chris Blackwell and his vision to bring reggae from Jamaica to the outside world. [Repeats Tuesday 12pm.]

7:00pm - 8:00pm


Cultural sonic detours with artist Simon Tyszko. Visit theculture.net/ for more information. [Repeats Friday 8am.]

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Dig That Treasure

Will Hall presents 60 minutes monthly of forgotten, underrated and under-appreciated pop and folk music from across the world. International scenes are at home alongside outsider musics, demos and covers, film and game soundtracks, and long-lost rarities in this decentred selection. Follow @digthattreasure on Instagram. [Repeated Wednesday 8am.]

9:00pm - 10:00pm

The Organ presents The Other Rock Show

Marina Organ presents an hour of music that uses unconventional structures and 'other' time signatures – gathered from the worldwide undergrounds of math rock, avant prog, weird electronica and strange pop. Tonight's show features new music from Half Empty Glasshouse and The Bob Lazar Story, plus Town Portal, Lite, Flying Luttenbachers, Shellac, Leila Adu, black midi and Don Caballero. Follow the playlist on Twitter @OtherRockShow. Visit otherrockshow.wordpress.com for more information. [Repeats Tuesday 8am.]

10:00pm - 11:00pm

Intoxica Radio Hour

[Repeated from Wednesday 11am.] Presented by Nick Brown and the Intoxica Records Radio Hour Choir, direct descendants of the Intoxica Records Shop. The show is dedicated to the dignity of vinyl, spotlighting Content Themes, specific artists' careers and generally playing the gloriously unheralded beat, soul and honkers of the 20th Century, all rendered on little slabs of black plastic. This week: music from the wired and wonderful world of Tamala Lewis, Ruby Johnson and Travis Pike's Tea Party. For further information and general waffle, contact intoxica@intoxica.co.uk.

11:00pm - 12:00am


Field recording, phonography, and the art of sound-hunting, presented by Patrick Tubin McGinley. This week's regular edition features Bill Vine, Andrea Ermke, David Vélez, Manja Ristić with Joana Guerra & Verónica Cerrotta, M Larsen-Bakk; sounds from The Aporee Maps by Prabuddha Mukhopadhyay, Sam Auinger, Laica Music, and Sala; and a framework introduction recorded in the United States by Robert Cunningham. Visit frameworkradio.net for more information. [Repeats Thursday 8am.]

12:00am - 1:00am

Sleeping Dogs Lie

[Repeated from Sunday 3.30am.] Ambient music selected by Miguel Santos to help night owls relax. For more information visit Sleeping Dogs Lie on Facebook, Mixcloud and WhitelabelRecs Bandcamp.