Your donation of £10 allows us to broadcast for fifteen (advert free) minutes. That's a brisk live session by a great new band, a short bus journey's worth of stimulating discussion, or an intense blast of astonishing radio-art.


Your donation of £100 allows us to reinvest in Resonance, replacing headphones, microphones and carpet worn away by our busy programme makers and their stream of surprising guests. We like to acknowledge our Friends on our website - and offer them a designer T shirt from our shop.


Your donation of £1000 will make a transformative difference to Resonance, enabling us to make firm plans for the future. By way of appreciation, we'll acknowledge your generosity on our website, give you VIP treatment at our annual Resofit and other events - and throw in a limited edition Peter Blake T shirt.

Our sponsors

Donors, Friends & Benefactors

Thanks to these recent donors: Leo Carlin, Jamie Paul, Thom Driver, Daniel Edelstyn, Scott Bradbury, R K Dua, Paul Gillieron, Ralph Clayton, Chris Bentham, Jacob Thoegersen, John Hodgson, Simon Harper, Katherine McVeigh, Sanita Eglite, William Armstrong, Jeremy Toms, Brian McKenzie, Anthony Layzell-Yane, Patrick Masters, Warren Nacey, Debbie Lloyd, Sotiris Gonis, James Kay, Stephen Ejakita, Ricardo Reis, Michael Veale, Tom & Molly Wilkinson, Entertainist, Ivan Wormley, William Tildesley, John Russell, Emmet Skulls, Dalila Rabih, Stephan E, Jack McPheat, Christian Beetz, Michael Franklin, John Dargan, Robert Lukins, Roi Croasdale, Alex McGuire, John Mealyer, Krizinkgrin Inc, Liliane Lijn, Ian Rawes. And lots of people who are pseudonymous or anonymous.
Special thanks to our Friends and regular donors: MJ Alder, Tim Abbott, Dr Baraitser, S Bartholomew, Jeffrey Blackler, Chris Bohn, D Cecil, MG Corney, Douglas Benford, Calum Gunn, Mr Honey, Mr Jackson, M Klang, S Leslie, Peter Mance, Patrick McGinley, S Oldfield, M O'Neill, F Peacocke, Matthew Price, Nouman Qureshi, Nicholas Ravenscroft, Ricardo Reis, Harley Richardson, Lewis Schaffer, David Stubbs, Stephanie Thomson, Jerry Wigens, Martin Williams, Chris Winstanley, Rene Wolf, D Whittaker.
Very special thanks to: Daniel Kitson, Stewart Lee, Stuart MacDonald, The Orange Hut, Alex Sainsbury, Bob and Roberta Smith, With Associates, and the late Frank Howling.

Donor FAQs

Am I giving to a registered charity?

Yes. Resonance is a project of London Musicians' Collective Limited, registered charity number 290236.

What does GiftAid involve?

If you are a UK tax payer, you can add value to your charitable donationthrough GiftAid. Gift Aid increases the value of your charitable donation by 25%: we can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift at no extra cost to you.

How do you spend my donation?

Resonance fund raises throughout the year, trying to extend and improve its resources. We operate two small studios in central London, used by over 150 people each week. Your donation helps us pay for new equipment, replace worn out furniture, and buy tea and biscuits for our volunteers.

How can I cancel my monthly donation?

Visit this page to manage your monthly recurring donation.