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Trail Mix[Ed]

[Repeated from Wednesday 3pm.] Bram Thomas Arnold presents a new series of six shows documenting and veering off from Paul Chaney’s Critical Camps at Kestle Barton Gallery on the Lizard in Cornwall.

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Merge Festival Radio

Another chance to here the preview of Merge Festival 2016 with Angie Dixon and Art Terry, first broadcast on 20 September. Featuring new music by Jon Kenzie; live performances by Sisika, Ned Roberts and Joe Moreton; and interviews with Sam Bompas and Phil Barton. Curated by Illuminate Productions, Merge is Resonance's local annual arts festival, taking place in and around Bankside from 24 September to 7 October - and always punching above its weight. [Repeated Sunday 6am.]

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6:30pm - 7:30pm

A World In London with Cultural Co-operation

DJ Ritu presents the UK’s definitive global music show from London. This week: Geoffrey Smith's Fluid Piano. [Repeated Monday 8am.]

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9:00pm - 9:30pm

Six Pillars to Persia

Fari Bradley focuses on areas that, in antiquity, were touched by the Persian Empire; contemporary Iranian, Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian sound, art and culture. This week: Kollective - a listen to output from the Iranian label Bitrot, producing in noise and ambient music, including the various album release 'Kollective 1', June December 2015. Visit sixpillars.org for more information. [Repeated Friday 3.30pm.]

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