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Radio Art Zone

With our regular broadcasters on their summer holidays, we go live to the Radio Art Zone, the 100-day radio art festival curated by Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington realised as part of Esch2022, European Capital of Culture. Today, till 11am: nula.cc – Beyond sublargo. Tape-beatles co-founder, editor, publisher and epic traveller Lloyd Dunn takes us on a poetic journey of imaginings across landscapes vast and distant. Made up of field recordings and found material – from the unexpected sounds of grasslands to short wave cicadas, his heartfelt narration leads us into dreaming. At 11am we join the daily À table! till 1pm, when a new 22 hour show starts: Edyta Jarząb – 22 Major Arcana of Fungi. Edyta Jarząb imagines mushrooms as signs, like cards drawn from a Tarot pack to uncover transformative powers, journeys of discovery, and endless potentialities. Participating artists interpret the cards through fungal sounds and initiation into personal secrets in the forest, while listening, singing, and mushroom picking.

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