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Musical Minds

[Repeated from Tuesday 4pm.] An anecdotal history of classical music presented by 18 year-old composer and writer Jack Pepper. It’s Episode 16, and today Jack looks at the eye doctor who blinded JS Bach, the composer who also worked as a medical doctor and who fainted at the sight of blood, and the five-foot-tall composer who, when sat at a piano, would have to sit on a pile of books just to reach the keyboard. Also today is the first opera written by a woman, and the composer who overcame blindness to write one of the 20th century’s most famous works. All episodes can be heard on www.jackpeppermusician.com. Follow Jack on Twitter @jrapepper and use the hashtag #MusicalMinds.

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The Ambrosia Rasputin Show

Freewheeling music series with Ivor Kallin. This week's guest is Ashley Paul, an American composer and performer who uses an array of instruments including saxophone, clarinet, voice, guitar, bells and percussion, mixing disparate elements to create a colourful palate of sounds that form her intuitive, free-form melodies. [Repeated Friday 2.30am.]

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The Relatively Good Radio Show

Cousins Richard Guard and Anna Crockatt celebrate the capital's past, present and future in the show where everything is live. This week: The Relatives host folk duo Silken Same. With regulars Buffalo Bill, Alex The Greek and Mickey Science.

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Field recording, phonography, and the art of sound-hunting, presented by Patrick Tubin McGinley. This week's regular edition features works by Philip Sulidae, Masayuki Imanishi, Leo Okagawa, Adrian Dziewanski, Matthew Sweizynski, Peter Wullen, sounds from the Aporee Maps by Colin Frank, Greg Peterson, Maciej Janasik, Iddo Aharony, and a framework introduction recorded in Mumbai by regular contributor Martin Clarke. Visit frameworkradio.net for more information. [Repeated Wednesday 5am.]

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