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[Repeated from Saturday 8.30pm.] A hand-picked mix of the most dynamic and exciting new electronic music and beyond from veteran DJ and droadcaster Nick Luscombe. For archived programmes visit mixcloud.com/FlomotionRadio/ and keep in touch via twitter @nickluscombe and @flomotion_radio.

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Cultural sonic detours with artist Simon Tyszko. This week: Patrick and Tristram Featherstonaugh of galleriesnow.net discuss the jam-packed, the madness, the must see, the can we be bothered/should we be bothered, of this week's Frieze London. Visit http://www.theculture.net/ for more information. [Repeated Sunday 2.30am.]

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Making Conversations

Sound is increasingly emerging as a material for use by makers. How does sound compare to the other media in which artists and makers work? In this conversation, Professor Andrew Prescott explores these issues with the sound artist and radio producer Mark Vernon - a founding member of art radio collective Radio Tuesday and producer of shows for stations including WFMU, RADIA, Resonance, CKUT, VPRO and the BBC. His radio productions range from documentaries and radio plays to more experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces. [Repeated Sunday 7am.]

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6:00pm - 6:30pm

Horizontal Transfer

Horizontal Transfer combines music and interviews from environmental microbiologist David Bass and Oxford Contemporary Music staff with live performance from Kate Halsall's Boom residency (Bell Halsall duo + Myr) with Oxford Contemporary Music. Edited and mixed by James Waterworth. [Repeated Friday 5.30am.]

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