12:00am - 1:00am

The Rob Simone Talk Show

[Repeated from Wednesday 9am.] Interviews with a wide range of alternative thinkers by the Los Angeles-based investigator of anomalous phenomena. This week: Rob explores the E.T. abductee phenomenon, with first-hand witnesses. Visit robsimone.com/ for more information.

1:00am - 2:00am

Sleeping Dogs Lie

[Repeated from Sunday 3.30am.] Ambient music selected by Miguel Santos to help night owls relax.

2:00am - 3:00am

Hoenn Sound

A conceptual radio show by SJ Wilson - all vinyl, all 33rpm. But all the vinyl is 45rpm techno (or otherwise) played at the slower speed setting. From pounding, pulsating techno jams to slow, chuggy, mesmerising soundscapes designed for the early hours of the morning... [Repeated Saturday 5am.]

3:00am - 4:00am

Bad Punk

[Repeated from Friday 10pm.] Hosted by Johny Brown and Inga Tillere of Band Of Holy Joy. This week: The Cove, a radio play by Lee Stapleford. For more information visit badpunkradio.tumblr.com or email badpunkradio@gmail.com.

4:00am - 5:00am

From the Archives

[Repeated from Friday 12am.] Gems from our audio vaults. Tonight: Hollingsville with Ken Hollings, from 8 July 2010, focused on Edgard Varèse.

5:00am - 6:00am


[Repeated from Friday 2:30pm.] A programme of multiple agendas presented by William English. This week: Artists make music. Artists known primarily for visual art who also engage with music; sometimes as parody, sometimes as homage, or somewhere in between... Recorded music by Martin Kippenberger, Destroy All Monsters, Rodney Graham, Stan Douglas, The Red Krayola and Ragnar Kjartansson and The All Star Band.

6:00am - 7:00am

Radio Ecoshock

[Repeated from Friday 9am.] Global environmental news with Alex Smith. This week: Extreme Heat #1. As Alaska bakes, the American East sizzles and Europe smashes records, here comes the first in a new compilation of Radio Ecoshock interviews on heat – how it kills, how it affects us all. Interview from Moscow during 2010 heat wave, 15 lessons for us all in a hotter world, plus Australia's John Cook and a food warning from Lester Brown. Visit https://www.ecoshock.org for more information.

7:00am - 8:00am

Nostalgie Ya Mboka

[Repeated from Saturday 1.30pm.] Mundele Mafuta presents classic dance music from the two Congos.

8:00am - 9:00am

A World In London

[Repeated from Wednesday 6.30pm.] DJ Ritu presents the UK’s definitive global music show from London. This week: Korean violin virtuoso Joo Yeon Sir debuts on the show.

9:00am - 10:00am

Novara FM

[Repeated from Friday 1pm.] A weekly show dedicated to political theory and current affairs hosted by James Butler. Find Novara on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. E-mail info@novaramedia.com. All previous shows are available at novaramedia.com.

10:00am - 11:00am

Clear Spot

[Repeated from Friday 8pm.] River Dialogues II. Nicolas Salazar Sutil and Fausto Llopis discuss the case of the Acheloos River in Greece. Acheloos was an Ancient Greek God and Father of all rivers. According to myth, he fought Herakles over the love of a water nymph. In modern times, the river Acheloos is the longest legal case of water and land contestation in European history. This radio programme features binaural recordings of this mythic river, and the voice of local inhabitants and guardians. The river's trajectory provides a narrative of human/non-human relations that depend on this extraordinary hydrological system.

11:00am - 11:30am

Little Atoms

A talk show about ideas and culture, produced and presented by Neil Denny. Each show features guests from the worlds of science or the arts in conversation. This week: Carolina Setterwall on her devastating debut novel Let's Hope For The Best. Visit littleatoms.com for more information. Tweet to @littleatoms. Contact littleatomspodcast@gmail.com. [Repeated Saturday 9am.]

11:30am - 12:00pm

Micro Clear SpotHighlight

Shorter, often time-critical one-off broadcasts. Today: The First British Guitar Hero. Jonathan Richards explores the work of Ernest Shand (1868 - 1924). Recorded and edited by Mandy Baines.

12:00pm - 1:00pm

The Traditional Music Hour

[Repeated from Thursday 2pm.] Reg Hall and Kevin Sheils (on alternate weeks) present an informed and judicious selection of recordings of traditional musics from Britain, Ireland and occasionally further afield.

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Calling All PensionersHighlight

Magazine programme with Tim Hamilton, addressing issues which affect pensioners across London. This week: South-east London resident, Sarah Crofts highlights the rebirth of the Fowlers Troop of Deptford. Sarah tells us it has taken 12 years to produce her history book Thankfull Sturdee, about the 19th century photographer who took pictures of the original Fowlers Troop and the Deptford Jack in the Green. Produced by Deptford Action Group for the Elderly. [Repeated Sunday 2pm.]

2:00pm - 2:30pm

Art Then And Now

[Repeated from Thursday 3.30pm.] A discussion of art from the past and the present with Anna Gammans. This week: Who Let the Dogs Out? Anna takes a look at different presentations of man’s best friend over time before interviewing return guest Samantha Ellis about her canine creations. To view any images discussed or to get in touch visit facebook.com/theartthenandnowshow.

2:30pm - 3:00pm

Smashing Records

[Repeated from Wednesday 3.30pm.] Abs Tripp from DASL (Disability Advice Service Lambeth) discusses how music fires people up to jump higher, ride further and shout louder. Contact Abs at www.disabilitylambeth.org.uk or Tweet to @showsmashing.

3:00pm - 5:00pm

The OST Show

[Repeated from Saturday 4.30pm.] Presented by Jonny Trunk, The OST Show is the only show anywhere dedicated to film music, TV music, library music and related recordings. Today we pay peculiar homage to Duncan Lamont (RIP), João Gilberto (RIP) and dig up some interesting peculiar sounds from France. Visit www.trunkrecords.com for more information. Email jonny@trunkrecords.com.

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Living With London

An exploration of mood, memory, music and the city of London with menswear designer Simon Carter and Dalhousie founder Derek Taylor. This week's guest is Londoner Guy Pickford, Nurse Practitioner and Blue Badge Guide. Guy shares his encyclopaedic knowledge of London's past and his four 'Key Note' musical tracks. [Repeated Friday 6am.]

6:00pm - 6:30pm

Six Pillars

Fari Bradley focuses on choice contemporary Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian sound, art and culture. This week: tbc. Visit sixpillars.org for more information. Tweet to @6pillars. [Repeated Wednesday 1pm.]

6:30pm - 7:00pm

Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer

A programme for the American community in Nunhead, south east London, presented by New York comic Lewis Schaffer and co-hosted by American economist Lisa Moyle, with musical accompaniment by The Relatives. Today's guest is the other Romanian comic, equally funny, Victor Patrascan. Visit ​​​​http://www.lewisschaffer.co.uk/​​radio ​for more information. [Repeated Saturday 9.30am.]

7:00pm - 8:00pm

One Life Left

An hour-long celebration of everything that's great about videogames. Hosted by Ste Curran, Simon Byron and Ann Scantlebury, the show features the latest news, reviews and gossip from the world of gaming, usually with a studio guest. You don't need to be a gaming expert to appreciate the show - One Life Left offers something for everyone, whether you are a hardcore League of Legends player or someone who's occasionally loaded up Candy Crush. Visit onelifeleft.com for more information. [Repeated Saturday 10am.]

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Clear SpotHighlight

Tonight: Martha's Music Discovery. Martha James explores the world of new unsigned artists. Videographer and graphic designer Molly-Mae Taylor discusses her work with Turtle Tempo, an online blog and independent music promoter. Featuring a range of unsigned indie artists, the show explores how bands excel in an ever-competitive industry with the help of creatives like Molly-Mae. [Repeated Tuesday 10am.]

9:00pm - 10:00pm

The Naked Short Club

Dr. Stu and his expert guests dance around hedge funds, markets, the economy and wider world with psychedelic sounds and poetry. Master Engineer: Chris Dixon. [Repeated Thursday 9am.]

10:00pm - 11:00pm


Polifony, with Kristopher Winter, is a monthly programme dedicated to the exploration of Eastern European culture. This month, Krzysztof invites Kamil Kustosz from Bialystok in Poland to talk and present his Sonopolo selection and Disco Polo sounds. Kamil is a quantum field surfer, a farmer and a dad. Some people claim that he’s a Polish gypsy king. He’s also known for his unique selection and musical blend. For more information visit Facebook. Listen to previous shows on Mixcloud. [Repeated Sunday 6am.]

11:00pm - 12:00am

Fresh Out Radio

Ben Noble explores the global melting pot, sharing his favourite new jazz-influenced music from around the world. From Japanese funk to Canadian soul, from Portuguese Fado to Taureg Desert Blues, the global music scene owes a lot to jazz. With our own jazz explosion happening right now in the UK, what better time to look outward and explore the influence of jazz in global music genres, with an hour of brand new releases every week. [Repeated Sunday 8am.]

12:00am - 1:00am

The Sounds Of DMWSOUND

Panix and Ranking Dan from DMWSOUND demonstrate the music that inspires their sound. Genres spanning from Reggae to Modern Bass music. Keep tuned for the classics and fresh new dubs. For more info visit Facebook and https://soundcloud.com/dmwsound. [Repeated Sunday 2.30am.]