The Clear Spot on Resonance FM


We're looking for new contributors!

Each month Resonance offers over 20 opportunities to broadcast the content of your choice in our Clear Spot (weekday evenings at 8pm, repeated the next day at 10am): an hour of prime time radio for experiments; fully formed features; previews of concerts, plays or publications; discussion, documentary, or time-critical debate. The Clear Spot enables you to test and try out ideas, which can then be developed long-term; or simply to make a self-contained one-off programme.

Recent Clear Spots have included a celebration of The Beach Boys; free improv music sessions from London and Latvia; a documentary feature about Yiddish poet Avram Nachum Stenci; a discussion about AI chip development; and a preview of a new play at the King's Head in Islington. The point being, you and your guests can do what you like as long as it is interesting (and observes Ofcom guidelines).

Resonance is currently looking for new contributors to the Clear Spot: if you want to get involved, please email Give us the proposed title of your Clear Spot as the email subject; and provide us with a brief outline of the programme you want to make. Thanks!

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