Christmas and New Year Schedule


Surprises all through the holiday

Our Holiday Schedule starts on Saturday 19 December and continues through to Sunday 10 January. Look out for many special editions of your favourite shows - including Arty Facts, The Hello Goodbye Show, Into The Moss, Ireland's Eye, Late Lunch with Out To Lunch, The Other Rock Show, The Outerlgobe and more. Plus tributes to the late Carole Finer, Kassia Flux, Julie Dyble and David Graber - all sadly no longer with us - and a load of radical drama, including a retrospective of Noel Macken's many radio plays for Resonance. We've also repeats of classic editions of The Bike Show, Ālāp with Adesh, Prison Bag, Connections, and other surprises. Check out the schedule daily and celebrate the holiday with our wide range of always astonishing broadcasters. Wishing all our listeners a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

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