August Holiday Schedule


Special shows, some news shows, some old shows...

It's August so many of our regular broadcasters are taking a well-deserved break. We run a selection of archival classics and unusual series unheard for many years, with contributions by the likes of Caroline Kraabel, Cathi Unsworth, Nick Hamilton, Johnny Seven, Sharon Gal, Mark Vernon, Bruno Rinvolucri, James Torrance, and Charles Saumarez Smith. Plus a vast retrospective of the first five seasons of Radia's international radio art programmes, dating from 2005. Keep your ears open for a bunch of new shows too: Arty Facts New Music Review Show with Master J off on a tangent on Sundays at noon; Musicians Noted, with DJ Ritu, Sunday 3pm; Trifle, with Daniel Kitson, Tuesdays to Fridays at midnight (live); Work of Art with NND, Tuesdays 11am; Exceptional Voices with Ben Watson, Tuesdays at noon; How To Write a Song with James Hodder (Tin Can Review) on Wednesdays at noon; and Diary of a Squat read by Carl Cattermole, Fridays at 9pm. Check out our schedule for daily surprises and holiday treats.

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